Mindfulness is a way of inner peace, efficiency and creativity, proven through experience and scientific research. It enables building personal relationships and supports company development. These factors influence happiness and meaningfulness.
The modern pace of life causes the need to look at how does the quality of time spent in life compared to its quantity really look like. In the era of information stress, pressure on organisational performance and efficiency, the topic of the impact of stress and emotions on business processes is a big challenge. Conflicts in teams, the impact of emotions on the management process, the atmosphere in the organisation, dealing with frequent changes, transferring home stress to companies and the other way round, stress and production safety, emotions and the need for concentration and the resulting errors, emotions in customer service – these are just some examples of how emotions affect what is happening in the company and the results of work.
Along with the aging market, the impact of stress on health is also more and more visible, i.e. the effects resulting from the psychosomatics of the body, and thus indicators such as “passive presence” and absenteeism in the organisation.
For many years, we have been conducting workshops, training sessions and events introducing in a practical way the topic of mindfulness, conscious presence in the business world, touching the topic of emotions, stress in a very practical way.
What is mindfulness, focus on here and now instead of permanent focus on the past or future? What are the benefits of increasing the conscious presence in individual experience, how does it translate into management processes, company communication, work quality, and employee involvement?
Most of the training in this area comes from the original Practice of Presence school of Beata Dyraga, who has been working on this path for many years, introducing a new view into the world of business, but above all – as a practitioner – giving specific, unique tools to use.
 improving the atmosphere in the company
 reduction of the coefficient of “passive presence”
 increase in creativity
 higher efficiency in management
 more peace in organization
 reduced absenteeism

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